Prevent decay and damage to your brickwork with our re-pointing service.

What we do

Pointing is the name for the mortar between bricks. Over time, weathering and decay can cause damage and gaps in the joints between bricks. If left unattended, this could lead to water entering the building and causing expensive structural damage.

Re-pointing is the process of renewing the pointing to prevent this from happening. The most common re-pointing jobs are chimney stacks, as these are the most exposed part of most buildings.

If you can see any gaps in your brickwork developing that need re-pointing, it’s time to call LT Brickwork.


Yes, we have trusted reliable scaffolders who we always use.
About 30 mm. We then clean the brick to get the dust out of the joints.
We point with a four part sand and one part cement mix, which gives a really strong mix.

Our Work