Garden Walls

We can enhance the look of your garden or build for a practical purpose.

What we do

A well built garden wall can really enhance a garden. Not only does it look good, but it can serve a range of practical functions, such as retaining a soil bank, forming an edge for a garden or lawn, housing a barbeque or creating privacy. It’s therefore important that any walls in your garden are built to be both sturdy and attractive. We pride ourselves on a perfect finish.


Yes and we do it one way – the right way. We lay a deep concrete footing with 30mm vertical steel rods, then we lay 9 inch hollow concrete blocks on a strong mix. The next day we then fill the hollows with a strong mix of concrete. Behind the wall we install a plastic membrane to prevent water damage.
That depends entirely on the height of the wall. Give me a call and I will come and take a look at the job.
We always use a four part sand and one part cement mixture, which is really strong and durable.

Our Work